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‘Bending Sounds – NYC Subway’

A love letter to NYC and to the subway system, by Tim Sessler. The writer in me wonders about all the little story’s going on behind every person, every interaction, every piece of music, every little moment we see. It’s beautiful. I’ll definitely be watching for more of Tim’s output.


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‘Pray for Japan documentary shows indomitable spirit of Japanese people

This past week marks the one year ‘anniversary,’ if such a happy word such as that can be used to describe the occurrence, of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. To honor the memory of the victims and to remind the world that recovery is an ongoing process, film-maker and entrepreneur Stu Levy released his documentary entitled ‘Pray for Japan’ into limited release this past week. Levy was in Japan when the Earthquake struck and filmed the documentary in between volunteering in the middle of the destruction. The film was shown in multiple theaters across the United States this past Wednesday, and is now out in limited release in New York City and Los Angeles until the 29th. If you live in Southern California or in the Greater New York City area, please go support this film. Not only does it focus on the people directly affected by the tragedy, with no mention of the nuclear problem that I found overtook media coverage as we got further and further away from the tragedy, but all of the proceeds from ticket sales go directly back to the Tohoku area to help continue rebuilding and supporting the area.

Here’s the trailer:

here’s the Pray for Japan website,

and here’s the AMC website listing for the movie.

Thank you so much!

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“Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a Slut – Reformed Whores’ Response Video” or ‘Happy Coincidences’

A recurring occurrence in my life is my curious habit of watching popular performers without actually realizing how well known they are. The first time this happened, my cousin’s then-boyfriend-now-husband who worked at Carnegie Hall took the entire family to a performance by some foreign bass-baritone opera singer guy. The entire performance was amazing, but I didn’t realize the significance of the evening until I went home and Googled the singer’s name. For the record, the name on the program was Bryn Terfel,  who I later found out was a rising star in the opera world and is now one of the biggest names in the business.

Recently, on a much less wider but no less important and enjoyable scale, I had the pleasure of attending the G.L.O.C. Mixer this past Saturday, which included so many wonderful and, to a young woman just starting to find her own place in the world and in the big city, inspiring performances. One of the great performances of the afternoon, of which there were many, was a little set by comedic singing and songwriting duo the Reformed Whores.

Their video response to a certain radio “talents” recent comments has recently gone viral across the interwebs, and with good reason. Singers Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame are witty writers, great performers, and all around wonderful musicians, and I’ll definitely be marking their next NYC-area performance down in my calendar.

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