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Wedding bells are going to ring… but for who?

The Avengers and the X-Men may be coming to blows very soon, but who cares about that when there’s a wedding to plan? Marvel released this teaser on Facebook and Tumblr today, leaving X-Fans with another plot to speculate over.

Astonishing X-Men #51. June 2012.


If I was the betting kind of girl, I’d say Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle will be tying the knot, considering Jean-Paul’s place on Liu’s Astonishing team and his being only member in a committed long term relationship. If it is them, this is a great step forward for lesbian and gay characters in mainstream comics, especially if Marvel continues to actively promote it.However, if my thoughts on the couple in question are correct, this will not be the first wedding featuring a gay superhero in mainstream comics. That honor goes to Apollo and Midnighter, who were married in Wildstorm’s The Authority series (issue #24). No matter who it is, I’m definitely looking forward to it. Marjorie Liu is one of my favorite writers in comics at the moment, and her run on Astonishing promises to be very good. Not to mention the potential for drama centered around the service, as no fictional wedding can go down without a problem.


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Quick Announcement

One of my goals at New York Comic Con this year was to network and hope that something good came out of it. So I talked to people standing next to me in line, people sitting next to me at panels, and everyone sitting behind the tables, making friends and getting advice on how to Make It. I met a lot of awesome people and had a lot of awesome conversations, and yes, something good did come out of it. As I was camping out for the Mark Hamill Spotlight panel in the MTV Theater, somehow a conversation started with the group of people sitting around me, including two people with press passes. To make a long story short, [insert geek here] now counts me as their newest contributor! I’ll be writing under the nickname ‘Teacup,’ a moniker given to me by one of my oldest friends. Make sure you go check them out at their site and follow them on Twitter. They seem like a great group of people, and I’m honored to be writing for them!

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NYCC ’11 – Mark Hamill Spotlight

When I first met Mark Hamill, he stood about four inches tall, lived on a desert planet with two suns, and spoke in a high pitched voice some people might call whiny. I was nine years old and my best friend had brought over the entire original Star Wars trilogy for a day long marathon to introduce me to the series. By the time the credits rolled on Return of the Jedi, I was hooked.

Redesigned movie posters for the original Star Wars series

Olly Moss redesigned posters for the original Star Wars series. Aren't they gorgeous?

The Star Wars trilogy, as one of the most popular sci-fi creations of the past fifty years, is a gateway series into science fiction and geekery for many young people. I attribute those three films as my first steps on the way to becoming the geek I am today, as well as the series responsible for my first celebrity crush. Mark Hamill was not unattractive during the time the movies were filmed, even with the minor surgery he received between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back to correct damage done in a car crash. While the crush has since faded (except in a nostalgic way), my appreciation for Mark as an actor has not. So when the fine folks at NYCC announced the man himself would be attending New York Comic Con as a guest this year, I was overjoyed.

Luke Skywalker on Tatooine

One handsome man

Needless to say, the Spotlight panel focusing on him on Saturday night did not disappoint. He spoke almost the entire time, telling anecdotes about his life, his time on the set of Star Wars, and his voice acting roles on shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Regular Show, and, most famously, the Joker for DC’s numerous cartoons and video games.
Highlights of the panel were:

  • Mark talked about how he learned that infamous plot twist from George Lucas on set moments before filming the scene and how he’d been instructed to keep it a secret. The story had been told in several interviews before and I’d heard it at least twice, but it was nice to hear Mark himself talk about the experience. One tidbit I hadn’t heard before was the addition of Harrison Ford’s “How come you didn’t tell me?” at the premiere.
  • Mr. Hamill seemed bemused when it came to the rabidity of fans when it came to knowledge of the entire Star Wars universe. There were several moments throughout the panel in which someone in the audience shouts out the name of some alien or planet in the Star Wars universe that Mark didn’t know. At one point of the show, he mentions that many of the androids, creatures, and space ships were only given names when the toy companies wanted to copyright them for production. The first part of this anecdote is merely amusing, but the second half says a lot about the business side of the franchise.
  • He performed many impressions of his numerous roles throughout the show without requests or, including many lines of the Joker and an improvised monologue in the voice of Skips, his character in Regular Show. This was the part that impressed me the most. I’d known he was a great voice actor, but that knowledge had not sunk in until I’d heard his skills as a voice actor in the flesh.
  • A fan requested to hear Mark speak the famous line “Why So Serious?” from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight in his ‘Joker’ voice, and he obliged. He then proceeded to sing a slightly modified version of ‘Happy Birthday’ to an audience member, ending the song and the evening with a different, saltier version of the last line.
  • Hamill’s overall enthusiasm and eagerness to talk about topics probably well worn out at this point of his career made the entire panel a very enjoyable experience. He mentioned many times over the course of the hour that he was a big geek as well, having a keen interest in old-time radio drama and a comic book collector since childhood.

When you meet a celebrity you look up to, you run the risk of having your image of this person tarnished by the person they really are. Luckily, this was not the case for any of the people attending the panel on Saturday night.  Mark was a great speaker and hopefully his first visit to New York Comic Con will not be his last.

Mark Hamill at NYCC 2011

Still lookin' good. Mark moved around twice to let people sitting behind the poorly placed column in the room see him.

Have you ever met someone famous that you looked up to? Were you disappointed with what you found, or were they just as you imagined?

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Five Geeky Things I’m Excited For

I’ve got a decent post in the works for the next week for so. Meanwhile, here’s a quick list of some  geeky things I’m excited for within the next year

  • X-Factor #222 – This series has it all: laughs, heartbreak, intrigue. Now, it’s adding a touch of the Supernatural as the battle for Rahne Sinclair’s half-mutant, half-Wolf God baby begins. This is the series that got me into comics, and for me, there’ll never be an issue not worth reading. The art for the past couple issues hasn’t been the best. X-Factor tends to rotate between one artist penciling for a decent amount of issues, and filler artists. I miss Emanuela Lupacchino’s openly emotional faces and distinctive pencils, but I’m looking forward to Leonard Kirk’s upcoming run. Marvel said he’ll be sharing art duties with Emanuela, so bring on issue #225! (Coincidentally, issue #225 is when the effects of Avengers: Children’s Crusade start to affect the characters of X-Factor, so I’m doubly pumped for that issue as well!)


  • Avengers: Children’s Crusade #7 – Let’s continue on the comic tangent for a while. Avengers: Children’s Crusade, except for the bimonthly schedule, has been a great series so far. It’s fun, it’s wrapping up a loose plot point from a series six years old, and have you seen that artwork? Jim Cheung’s pencils, along with Mark Morales on inks and Justin Ponsor on colors, are amazing. His splash pages especially are dynamic and fully detailed. Anyway, Tom Brevoort has been promising A:CC and Schism will be intertwined, and with the end of issue #6, the seeds are definitely sewn for that clash. Magneto, Wolverine, and the Avengers against Cyclops and the X-Men? With all the baggage they have under the bridge concerning Wanda, this is not going to be an easy fight, but it’ll sure be interesting to see the outcome. Personally, I don’t think Wanda’s going to be able to repower the mutants. I think something’s going to prevent her from doing that, but whether it’s Doom, the X-Men, or even Wanda or her son Billy themselves, I don’t know how it’s going to come about.


  • The Captain America movie and The Avengers movie- Marvel’s been on a role with their home grown feature films lately, and I’m excited to see if Captain America and The Avengers hold with Marvel’s previous successes. Not to mention the Marvel geek inside me can’t wait to see all of her favorite characters on screen.
  • New York Comic Con –  Nowadays, a ‘comic con’ is not just for comics. It’s a haven for geeks and nerds to let their fannish glee free, to interact with the people creating your favorite shows, comics, or books, and to meet people who share the same interests as you. It’s still three months away, and yet I’m already counting down the days. 91 and counting!
  • The next nine episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I still miss the oftentimes unintentionally hilarious show that Torchwood used to be, but the show that it’s grown into is no less entertaining. The first episode of this season was perfectly back on form, and the rest of the season sounds like it’ll be just as good. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Kai Owen and joined by some great American actors (Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Dichen Lachman, as well as numerous others.) I am especially happy to see Tom Price back and P.C. Andy. I’ve had a soft spot for the character ever since he first showed up in the first series, and I’m surprised the character’s made it this far, with the show’s propensity to kill off every character it can.

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