Saturday Linkspam: Hollywood Edition!

Rent Out Gaius Baltar’s Vancouver Apartment

If I had had the money to rent this apartment, not to mention the time, I would have done so. Battlestar Galactica is the best TV show of the past ten years,  bar none, and Gaius Baltar is one of the best characters in television in the same amount of time. It would be amazing to rent the house they used to film the scenes which take place in Baltar’s head just to be there, to see the house, to sit on the deck and look out onto the water, and know that Gaius Baltar had been there as well. Whoever gets to rent this out is a very, very lucky person. It’s even more meaningful because it’s one of the only places that filmed on location; most of the show took place on spaceships, except when the fleet visited a planet. It’s like being able to own a prop from the show, only giant-sized.

Hollywood ‘Stuntman!’ Reveals Tricks of the Trade

Old Hollywood is a fascinating subject, not only for the gossip and behind the glitz and glamor stories,  but also because the whole process of film-making has changed so much in such a relatively small amount of time. Hal Needham’s perspective is fascinating, especially reading his thoughts on the current state of special effects. It’s one that I share; as pretty as CGI backgrounds and crazy stunts look, there’s a certain sense of reality lost through all of it. I will always firmly maintain that the original Star Wars trilogy still looks amazing even though the special effects are considered outdated, while the newer trilogy looks very fake because there’s very little interaction with the backgrounds and a certain lack of grittiness that, even a galaxy in pre-Imperial takeover should have had.

I know arguments for CGI will probably talk about how much cheaper it is to do it by computer instead of doing it by hand, but I feel like realism should be a key point in making a film. Whenever I see CGI in a film, I can instantly tell it’s computer generated and not actually real. Computer effects have gotten better in the past few years, but it’s not quite like having the real thing with you on set. I do enjoy films by Pixar, where the whole movie is created with a computer and therefore it’s not too distracting either way, but mixing the two, such as with James Cameron’s Avatar, just makes me

Needham seems like a pragmatic and likeable guy; one of the stories he relates in this interview is why he became a stunt man. Basically, Needham says he did it because he realized how much money he was making compared to his other job, a tree business. It’s a brave sort of man who risks his life on a daily business. I know I wouldn’t be able to stare danger in the face every day just for a high paycheck. After reading this interview, I can’t wait to read his biography. I’m going to pick it up as soon as I have the time to read again.

‘The Sounds of Star Wars,’ Now At Fan’s Fingertips

I’m proud to say that I heard this man give a speech at my cousin’s college graduation. It drove this Star Wars geek into paroxysms of joy. To have created so many iconic sounds, from Darth Vader’s raspy breathing, to the sound of a lightsaber, and even to a blaster shot or a TIE fighter’s screams with the equipment he had, it’s obvious to see that he’s a very creative man. I’m also looking forward to checking out this book, as a music student currently in a studio class. My fingers are itching to play with these sounds, to remix them and try to create them on my own. It’s not quite the same as going out, recording the individual components of each sound, and creating it through that, but it’s close enough.

And I know and admit that what I’ve just said about creating sounds in a studio is completely hypocritical to what I’ve said above about using real backgrounds and sets instead of CGI. I offer no apology and no explanation for my feelings on either subject. I’m a complicated person, okay?

Back Again: The 19 Best Movies That You Didn’t See in 2009

This title is inaccurate, I have actually seen one of the movies on this list. It’s also one I would recommend to others; you should check out Anvil! The Story of Anvil. The story of a heavy metal band that didn’t quite make it, despite being inspiration to such thrash metal bands as Metallica and Slayer, truly makes one think. Just what quality leads to super star dom? In this documentary, you can see that the members of Anvil have the same amount of drive and talent as members of Metallica do (and perhaps a bit more humility), and yet they never made it big. Even more inspiring, they’re still out there touring and making albums after all these years, even though most of them have families and full time jobs alongside their musical careers. I would love to see or read an interview with them about the effect of this documentary on their careers after it came out or maybe even a sequel as a follow up to show where they are now.

Based on my enjoyment of Anvil! The Story of Anvil, I’m going to check out the rest of these movies at some point. Have you seen any of them? Do you agree or disagree?

And that’s my Saturday linkspam for today! I’m planning on writing a blog post talking about the closure of TOKYOPOP which I’ll try to post by the middle of the week. Have a great week, and I’ll see you back here next weekend for another Saturday Linkspam

What do you think about the use of an overall theme? Do you like a mixture of topics or would you rather read about a specific topic like I’ve done today?

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