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Saturday Linkspam

As I mentioned before, I collect links. Occaisionally, possibly on Saturdays, I’m going to post interesting links I find on the internet and my thoughts on them. I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to chime in!

‘Embedded Librarian’ on Twitter Served as Information Concierge for Class

Social media is the biggest presence in the world and in the media today, and there are many innovative and imaginative people out there who are finding new uses for it every day. This idea, of an ’embedded Librarian’ in the classroom, who would be able to provide resources above and beyond what would be mentioned in class by students and professors, is brilliant. If it catches on, it can have a great impact on the classroom setting and learning environment. It can also add a different dimension to the tasks of a reference librarian, one that could change the meaning of the job itself.

Elusive Forger, Giving But Never Stealing

In the years since, Mr. Leininger has appointed himself as a kind of Javert to Mr. Landis’s Valjean.

When I first read this article, this quote caught me. A fan of Les Miserables since I picked up the 1,000 word long novel in my sophomore year of high school and read the whole book in a week, the relationship between criminal and detective has always fascinated me, especially relationships of this depth and magnitude. This is perhaps why one of my favorite TV shows right now is the USA Network’s White Collar, although that show deals with the aftermath of the criminal’s capture and not the chase. It’s amazing that, in a world full of technology, Mr. Landis just cannot be found. Judging by this article, I wouldn’t be surprised if the man is caught fairly soon, but then again, who knows? He might just be lucky enough to get away with it all.

Industry Interview: A Talk with Daniel Ketchum from Marvel

I love learning about the process behind the finished product. I also love reading about the experience of LGBT people in industries that I might some day like to work in. Besides that, he edits one of my favorite comic series being released currently (X-Factor — Go check it out, it’s wonderful!) and he seems like a nice guy.

Rashida Jones Tackles The Girl-Comics Conundrum

This article starts out as a review for a comic called ‘Frenemy of the State’ by Rashida Jones which actually sounds very interesting, but it ends up as general commentary as to why many girls just aren’t interested in comics. I’m going to cut and past this here because I find all of it very very true.

What can authors, publishers, retailers do to better serve teen/tween girls?
1. More and better female characters, especially protagonists. Girls want to see strong, in-control, kick-ass women calling the shots.

2. A welcoming atmosphere in local comic stores is key. Many respondents reported feeling uncomfortable in comic stores. They were stared at, talked down to, and generally treated without respect.

3. Pink, sparkly cutesy comics about boyfriends, ponies, cupcakes and shopping are widely reviled. Condescend to female readers at your peril, writers and comic publishers.

4. The hypersexualization/objectification of female superheroines makes female readers uncomfortable, and sexual violence as a plot point has got to stop.

5. Girls need good stories in a variety of genres.

6. Most girls don’t even know comics exist, or that they would enjoy them. Publishers need to advertise in mainstream media and comic shops need to reach out to girls.

7. Make comics for boys and girls. Comics with dual male and female protagonists. Comics with large casts that offer something for everyone.

8. Use licensed properties to lure new readers into comics.

9. Availability is a problem. Get more comics into schools. Get more comics into libraries-especially school libraries. Get more comics into bookstores, especially large chains.

10. There need to be more women creating comics and working in the industry as editors and publishers.

The comic industry itself is slowly dying out, but if either of the Big Two actually reached out and tried some of the things on this list, they may have  a chance at surviving a little while longer. I’m a Marvel girl and don’t stay as informed about DC’s decisions as I should, but I feel like Marvel at least trys to make an effort, even if it doesn’t turn out well. (Marvel’s Year of Women, anyone?) Lately they’ve been tentatively putting out titles that might interest someone other than their 16-50 year old male demographic. One adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensebility has already come out, with an adaptation of Austen’s Emma currently being released as a monthly title now. From Marvel’s June 2011 solicitations comes a miniseries entitled 15 Love, written by Andi Watson and pencilled by Tommy Ohtsuka, of which the description sounds more like a shoujo manga than an America comic book.

15 LOVE #1 (of 3)
Written by ANDI WATSON
Tennis is Mill Collins whole life…but as the lowest ranking student at the Wayde Tennis Academy, she’s about to lose her scholarship, and any chance at reaching her dream. Her coach has given up on her, her aunt thinks she doesn’t try, and the only one who believes in her is a washed-up drunk…how wrong can things possible go before Mill catches a break?
56 PGS./Rated A …$4.99

I’ve heard that this has been in Marvel’s vaults since the early 2000’s, and that they’re finally pulling it out to be published now. Whatever their reason is, it might be a good idea as the manga industry in America falls even harder then Marvel or DC. It might not be much, but it’s a start.

The World’s 18 Strangest Bathrooms

These are really cool. I especially like the Safe House bathroom, the bathrooms with the walls that turn opaque when someone enters, and the see through toilet in Switzerland. With the last one, I don’t know if I could use it, even if it was an optical illusion!


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A Very Good Place To Start

Just as the address and title say, my blog is going to be a potpourri of content. I tend to hoard links that I find all over the internet, so prepare for at least a weekly post discussing those. I flit between interests like a butterfly; one day I might talk about a new issue of a comic by Marvel, the next, a thirty year old science fiction TV show , and the next, an obscure French film that I watched in one of my classes. In one entry, I might talk about how much I love a certain actor and some of their current projects. In the next, I’ll bring up a serious political issue and talk about my opinions on the matter. I don’t like limiting myself to one thing. There is so much out there in the world, and I want to experience it all!

And what about me? At the present, I am a senior in my last semester in college. I am getting my Bachelors in Arts with a major in the Performing Arts, a concentration in Music, and a minor in Creative Writing. (That’s certainly a mouthful, isn’t it!) My focus may have been on music, but my passions lie in all sorts of media, especially social media and the effect it has on the world around us. For example, the use of Twitter and Tumblr in the recent Egyptian and ongoing Libya revolutions have been marvelous. They allow us to see exactly what is going on on the other side of the world in real time, from all eyes, from all perspectives, and from all people. The growth of social media and the internet has given everyone a voice, not just someone who’s been trained in journalism or someone with enough money to get their message across.

I am lucky, therefore, that I was able to take classes with many different topics throughout my years at the small liberal arts school which I currently attend. My favorites were the ones which focused on popular culture and media, two subjects which are becoming very important in this century. I don’t think anyone really understands just how important, not even me, but I’m going to throw myself in head first and see what happens.

I’m silly, sweet and I love to have fun with my friends, but I’m also hard working, serious, and I care about people. I love to hear all kinds of opinions, so please feel free to comment!

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